Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Forties Jacket Bestway 896

Back in time to the 1940s for this pattern. Finished circumference is 38 inches, so it is designed for a 32 to 36 inch bust. Knitted in 4-ply. There is an option of short sleeves.

I’ve recently been knitting in a new to me type of yarn which I recommend – PIP Colourwork is 4-ply and made from 100% British wool in Yorkshire. If you want to see the hat I made, head over to my Instagram and look for a funny looking chap with a beard modeling a bobble hat with arrows on it.

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Free Knitting Magazine from mid-60s with 8 patterns

This is a bumper post of a whole booklet of patterns. It might have been from the UK newspaper The Mirror, but I’m not sure. Has anyone heard of the Women’s Mirror? I’m sorry about the text that runs across pages 8 and 9. If you view them side by side its just legible. From the hair I’m guessing it is from the mid-sixties.

Each pattern is in a range of sizes. Sunny Honeycomb cardigan on the front cover is 32 – 40 inch bust. The Chunky Check is 34-38. The men’s Leisure Look is 38-40. Four Fabulous styles from one pattern is 36-38. Cuddle Coat is 34-40. Saddle Shoulder Sweater for men is 38-44. The unusual stitch Cross Knit Cutie is 34-40. Peppermint and Purple is 32-38.

Hit read more to see the gallery of pictures or click HERE for the pdf.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Men’s late 60s sweaters Sirdar 5084

I just love the neckwear on the left. Here is pait of very functional men’s sweaters from the late 1960s. This is in chest sizes 38, 40, 42 and 44. I also like it’s simplicity in that you cast on the back and after the bottom section of ribbing, it tells you to just keep knitting till it’s the right length. Great for a beginner and I often wear a comfy, slouchy men’s jumper in winter (particularly after Christmas, hiding my extra pounds). Size 8 needles in UK imperial are a 4mm or US 6. Yarn is one of those discontinued mysteries – I think it’s a skinny sort of DK, as you wouldn’t knit aran or 4-ply on 4mm needles and Ravelry argees with me.

Click read more to see the pictures of the pattern or see the pdf HERE.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Patons & Baldwins No. 2738 30s Ladies Tennis Top

Agnes Jumper P&B 2738_1.jpg

It’s Jumper Jill again, my favorite model. Here she is doing a kind of look across the tennis net to someone she loves look. The pattern itself is in a terribly ripped and delicate state. I found it in my house in a pile of magazines, and have no idea where it originally came from. Download it as a pdf HERE.

The jumper is made in an unusual stitch and it’s quite an unusual shape too. It around a 36″ bust, but worn a little loose, so for 32-34″ or more depending on how you want it to fit. It’s made in Totem knitting wool. I’m not sure what ply that is, but Barbara Smith has posted here that it was a chunkier yarn, which was equivalent to an aran or chunky weight. Barbara works or volunteers with a British organisation The Knitting & Crochet Guild. They have put online a Patons and Baldwins advertising leaflet called Make It In Wool, with lots of photos of thirties knitting patterns. You can look at it here. There is also a pdf of different knitting pattern from the same series as this one, which you can see here (no actual patterns, just the front photos).

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: A Swagger Suit from CF Taylor and Sons


20181219_075847[1]Download as a PDF by clicking HERE

Here is a boucle suit knitted in 4 ply, with a skirt waist of 26 inches and no obvious sign of what the bust is. The skirt needs 16 buttons and the coat 8.

Dating it – This was priced at 2d, which makes me think it is from the early thirties or the twenties. This wasn’t a scientific process as I just looked at the patterns currently on my desk – the many forties patterns seem to all be priced 4d, and a thirties one is 2d. It’s such a shame it’s shot from the back, as we can’t see what it is like, but looking at the back cover, the four things advertised are definitely from the thirties.

The other unusual thing is the tape which it is mended with. I’m not sure when sellotape was invented, but I have seen this tape before, on a bookbinding course. It’s a woven fabric tape, though there are marks of a more modern sellotape. A hint for people who want to stick their patterns together today – normal tape will dry out, flake off and leave a mark (it may take twenty years, but trust me it will). I use Scotch Magic Tape, but we’ll have to wait a while to see if it’s any better.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Patons & Baldwins’ Diana design ladies jumper 3/617

I found a new archive with knitting patterns. It’s the Constance Howard gallery at Goldsmiths University and it’s small but as a student there I get to go and look at it whenever I like. Yay!

I also have a favour to ask all the users of this site. I don’t charge for these patterns and never will. I don’t use advertising either. But if you’ve ever enjoyed the patterns please donate to this cause. My friend of 22 years died in July of myotonic dystrophy and his son has the same disease. There is a fund for research into the disease. Please give a little. Just a dollar or a pound each from the 22,000 people who have viewed this site would make a big difference. Thank you.

Here is today’s pattern from the 1930s.

pandb ladies jumper_1

Here is is as a pdf. Scroll down for all the pages as jpegs.

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