Free Vintage Knitting Patterns – Stitchcraft August September 1945

Click for the pdf
Click for the pdf

More treasure. This model looks genuinely happy. She has good reason to. Victory in Europe Day was on May 8th. On June 18th 1945 the “demob” began, with the first troops released from army service, returning to “civvy street”. [Civvies were your non-uniform clothes and civvy street was back at home, in normal civilian life]. Every serviceman in the British armed forces was given a demob suit, like the one below. I’ve read somewhere that some men weren’t keen on them, as the style looked old-fashioned, being cut in the same way as a pre-war suit. At the time a whistle and flute – cockney slang for a suit- could be hocked – pawned for cash- and redeemed after payday for a night out with a lady and then pawned again straight after. With clothes rationing still in force until March 1949, I wonder if any make do and mending went on, turning this frumpy men’s suit into a classy ladies costume? Of course this has nothing to do with knitting at all. Magazine jpegs follow after the demob suit.


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