Agatha Christie – New Exhibition of Photographs

I’m such a big fan that I’ve visited her summer house Greenway twice (and photographed her book collection in minute detail, if anyone wants to see those). Next time I go, I’m planning to stay actually in the house as there is National Trust holiday flat.

Anyway, today’s excitement – There is going to be a photographic exhibition at the Bankside Gallery London from 6th September Agatha Christie – Unfinished Portrait running from August to September 2015. I’ll definitely be brushing up my cloche hat to wear to this one.

6 thoughts on “Agatha Christie – New Exhibition of Photographs

  1. You may have already seen the video about her life on YouTube featuring David Suchet. I believe that it is called “The Mystery of Agatha Christie”.


    • I have it on DVD I think – lovely boyfriend bought me the complete Poirot box set and I think it’s one of the extras. I also enjoyed the Maggie Smith film with a fictional account of what happened when she went missing.


      • If my job allows I too will go to this.
        A few days ago, I downloaded one of her books ‘Crooked House’ to read on a long flight tomorrow; I am in an Agatha Christie frame of mind.


      • I have Crooked House I think. Some times they blend into each other in my memory – it might be one of the ones filmed as Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple even though she wasn’t in it.


    • The first grown up book or did you skip Enid Blyton and go straight to Christie? Definitely the first grown up book I read was 4.50 from Paddington and the second was a Campion book by Margery Allingham, another Golden Age of Crime lady writer. Both were because of the TV series of the eighties!


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