Free Vintage Crochet Pattern – from 1932/33

Getting a New Slant On Things – this diagonally-striped jumper is crocheted in a simple pattern. It’s finished measurements are 35 inches across the bust, so it’s for a 33-35 inch bust depending on how tight you’d like it.

2015-08-12 14.33.09

This one is a little bit higgledy-piggledy, as it’s a variety of pictures I took on my phone, rather than a proper scan. I wasn’t going to let an out of order scanner stop me! It’s Jumper Jill, my favourite model in Stitchcraft magazine in either 1932 or 1933.

2015-08-12 14.33.002015-08-12 14.33.172015-08-12 14.33.202015-08-12 14.33.242015-08-12 14.33.272015-08-12 14.33.322015-08-12 14.33.342015-08-12 14.33.372015-08-12 14.33.442015-08-12 14.33.482015-08-12 14.33.522015-08-12 14.33.552015-08-12 14.33.56

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