Free Vintage Knitting Magazine: Stitchcraft May 1937

I’ve already shared a few of these patterns, ages ago, but here is the whole thing all in one post! There are a variety of short sleeved ladies jumpers – Introducing Clanora on pages 15, looks like a V-neck in the colour picture on page 22. It is a 30-32 inch bust. Tropical touch on pages 6 and 7 is a 34-36 inch bust. Fine Knitting In Wool String is button up top or cardigan with short sleeves in size 32-34 inch bust, on pages 14 and 23. The Jumper on The Cover is on page 16 and 23 and is a 32 – 34 inch bust. Pages 17 and 32 have a jumper called Simple Shape Unusual Stitch in a size 32 -34 inch bust.

I love the embroidered Radio Times slip case/cover (for non-UK dwellers, it’s a listings magazine which is still on sale weekly today and is still called Radio Times, even though it has TV and satalite TV times too). I have one which I was given as a present, originally from a prop warehouse. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen it appearing on TV in either a Miss Marple or a Poirot episode, but have never been able to find the right episode.

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Free Vintage Crochet Pattern: This Attractive Affair from Stitchcraft August 1936

This one may look familiar if you follow me on Instagram. I’ve knitted a similar jumper which was reprinted in A Stitch In Time Volume 2, but originally came from this magazine. This is the crochet version. It’s a 32 to 34 inch bust, designed for a 2 ply cotton. I made mine from Rowan Mercised Cotton, which is now discontinued. It wasn’t exactly the right yarn, as it came out quite a lot longer than intended. Since then the author of A Stitch In Time has released her own cotton yarn called Coquette. Incidentally I haven’t been paid for the plug, but I have met Susan Crawford once and she’s a very nice person.

Stitchcraft August 1936 free vintage knitting patternBelow left is Theodora modeling the book knitted version and on the right is my knitted version. The pattern via Ravelry for the knitted version which has been sized up for a varietyof sizes. Scroll down for the pattern for the crochet version.

2015-08-11 22.38.36

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern 30s – For Days in The Sun

Here is some 1930s knitted cuteness from Stitchcraft Magazine May 1937. It is a knitted dress for sunny days with a matching set of knitted knickers. I’m not sure what age it is intended for, but the measurements are length from top of bodice 18 inches, waist 17 1/2 inches. Click the picture for pdf or scroll down for jpgs.

Stitchcraft 1937


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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern 30s – Fine Knitting In Wool String

Her eyes have a far away look, as she strokes the fake balcony (did someone get paid to bevel that wood? Is bevel the right word?) Anyway, here is another beauty from May 1937 Stitchcraft magazine.

It is described as a dual use for coat jumper and cardigan. I’m not exactly sure about what wool string is, but could it be a wool and cotton blend, or are they using wool as a term for all knitting yarn and so it mean it’s made out of a knitable type of sting? I have some left over 4ply cotton I might use anyway. Click the picture to go to the pattern.


Free Vintage Knitting Pattern – The Jumper On The Cover

She was just moving a chair on the balcony when  the police arrived.

What ever her crime was, this is from May 1937 Stitchcraft magazine and is called simply The Jumper On The Cover. Click the picture for a link to the pattern.

The Jumper On The Cover

Another photo after the jump… A black and white picture with a much sunnier model waving her handcuffed colleague goodbye.

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The Tropical Touch


Its a lovely sunny day today and a Saturday, so I’m celebrating by scanning a copy of Stitchcraft magazine.

Is she waving hello or goodbye? It’s hard to tell as she also looks nearly asleep. This is a simple short sleeved pattern from May 1937. Click the picture to see the pattern. I may be making all the patterns into a pdf, depending on my limited computer skills being up to the job.

Stitchcraft May 1937