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I’m prematurely retired and trying to cultivate the required amount of old lady pastimes, though I haven’t managed to do any real crime solving yet, I have knitted my way through a lot of Miss Marple & Poirot episodes and now have sunk to the depths of Midsummer Murders, which just isn’t the same.

I’m part of the Shoreditch Sisters WI and occasionally appear in public with a sewing machine trying to force people into making their own exciting things or waving banners at Million Women Rise or other feminist marches, before sloping off to a cafe for a cup of tea and a long rest. I also teach beginners knitting at the Shoreditch Sisters Knit and Natter group, even though I haven’t yet mastered intarsia or lace.

This blog is where I’m sharing my knitting pattern collection, scans of my vintage magazines, thoughts about the history of fashion, a little bit about my adventures in stitches, both knitted and sewn and occasionally other random stuff, plus pictures of my most excellent cat Tilly, who supervises all of my sewing and quality tests all the fabric.


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  1. Good morning from sunny so Cal!
    I’ve to stop and drop you a few lines after I’ve stumbled upon your post about the boy in the pullover in the chemistry lab! 🙂 I truly thank you for your time in posting all the free vintage patterns. It is greatly appreciated! Now I know what to do for volunteering! Go scan patterns…now i just need to go find some. Thanks again for all that you do. Have a fabulous day! -Jennifer


  2. Greetings from Boston USA. Thank you so very much for posting all these great patterns.
    I am also retired early. I fell in love with vintage knitting and crochet patterns. Having conquered the US market, I have moved onto to UK patterns.
    I can not imagine a better vacation than spending a week or two, either camping at the library surrounded by vintage patterns, or trawling oxfams for secret stashes!. I am truely jelous.
    Do you know if there is an index for all stitchcraft magazines?
    I am trying to find patterns for flowers and jewelry from 30’s 40 and 50’s.
    If ever I can recipricate with a pdf of a vintage US pattern, let me know.
    Thank you Viv (born in Yorkshire, schooled in Surrey, in US for 30 years.)


  3. I have just stumbled upon your blog. Greatly interested to see the vintage patterns as they remind me of
    the kind of patterns that were around when I started knitting (aged 7 in 1957!). After a long spell of being too busy to knit, I am retired now and am getting back to the needles. My Mum was never without knitting and often followed Paton’s or Paton & Baldwins patterns. But she would also use the patterns that appeared in Woman’s Weekly (as in Victoria Wood’s ‘beat me on the bottom’). If there’s an archive of that magazine anywhere, I am sure you’d find lots of vintage patterns to interest you.


  4. I also stumbled upon your site and love all the vintage children’s costumes. Brings back many memories. The Halloween celebration isn’t like it used to be years ago. I miss seeing all the children dressed for the occasion. I am an early retiree also and have finally gotten the opportunity to return to my love of costuming for people who appreciate detailed work. I currently work for a small wax museum in New England USA. A group of wonderfully talented volunteer artists who use their talents for a small non pressured, not for profit museum – http://www.preservehollywood.org. They sculpt and I costume. (The Beast and Ardeth Bey are some of my creations.) Wish I had met them years ago when I could get around better.
    I noticed while looking through your site that you do a lot of knitting. Do you also crochet? I can do that easier than knit. I am looking for a pattern for myself of a waist length, double layered, stand up collared (throat ribbon tied or small buttoned}, circular cape for warmth on arthritic shoulders. One like Mama from ” I Remember Mama” wore. I have a picture but don’t know how to post it here. I’d appreciate your help in finding a pattern that would be suitable. Thanks. AJ


  5. Is it alright to link to your page with the La Laine Lady’s Fair Isle Sweater pattern on Ravelry? I am working my way through the pattern and would like to start a project page on it. Thanks!


  6. hi looking for a knitted elephant pattern from stitchcraft around 1960/67 more likely to be 65ish it only was printed on 1page i think in black and white with a little cover on its back and a triangle on its head
    require it for sentimental reasons if you cab find it would be very greatfull
    thank you

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  7. Just found your gem of a blog whilst desperately searching for my next vintage knit. I’m stunned by all the stuff you’ve crammed in here. Now following and exploring all the pages I haven’t seen yet!

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