Sew For Victory – The First Try

So I have my Blitz dress pattern and a sheet. First job was to trace from the printed pattern sheets onto tissue. I normally do this so I don’t have to cut the original pattern, in case I want to go back and cut a different size, but on this occasion it was also necessary as the original pattern is on such thick paper, it would be difficult to work with. The pattern handily has the the different sizes marked with different colours, so no following a dotted line, I just followed the purple one.

After the chat I had with Caroline of Sew La Di Da Vintage when I bough the pattern at the Selvedge Winter Fair, I decided to cut a size 12. She had mentioned the discrepancy between UK high street sizing and sewing pattern sizing and told me her patterns follow the high street.

The pattern looked a little strange, as the grain lines were abnormally enormous (see photo below). Tilly assisted by sitting on things when ever she could, and occasionally trying to eat the tissue paper.

Wondercat on pattern

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Tilly and The Pigeon

Tilly has become an obsessive pigeon watcher, originally spotting one on a window ledge sheltering from the rain, she kept returning to check the ledge several times a day, every day. In an attempt to entertain the little Wondercat, who always has bags on energy and wants to play, I bought some bird food and over several weeks managed to attract some pigeons to my little balcony. Here is the result.


Tilly and The Pigeon


(The knackered looking stool is for Tilly to sit on, so she doesn’t fall off trying to bound up to the balcony ledge.)

Introducing Tilly The Wondercat

My constant companion at home is Tilly The Wondercat. She can jump in the air on catch a fly between her paws and is fast, like a furry ninja. Usually she has a favourite game. recently it was chasing a laser pointer around the bath, but now she is dedicated to watching pigeons outside on the balcony. She understands the word pigeon means “run to the window in excitement.” She also likes kicking around a ball or running around with a pompom in her mouth. Occasionally she will play fetch, but only with a yellow pompom.