Twenties Fashions from Leach’s Home Dressmaker 1925

This is rather a budget publication, being only 3 pence (3d), compared to Paris Mode which was 9 pence (9d) and Leach’s Six Penny Knitting Series (6d). Free patterns featured in every issue and then after a brief text about what was in fashion, the rest of the magazine acts as a catalogue for Leach’s sewing patterns, which were 9d including postage. Each issue has a different topic, for example Schoolgirl’s Outfits, Styles For the Matron, Toddlers’ wear etc. (In case anyone is wildly interested, I took down a list of each issues specialism from the set of 1925 I was looking at – see bottom of post).

Issue 91 – Jumper & Jumper Skirts – 3 free patterns. Inside patterns available in 34-40″ bust sizes

1925 Leach's Home Dressmaker

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Free Vintage Pattern from 1928 – ladies panel front jumper

free vintage knitting pattern from Sunny Stitcher page 2-2

This beautiful jumper is from 1928, published in Leach’s Six Penny Knitting Series Issue 104 which is subtitled Jumper-Suits, Jumpers and Cardigans. Width around under arms is 38″, but it is supposed to be baggy, or “have positive ease” as expert knitters call it. Scroll down below the front cover for the pattern.

free vintage knitting pattern from Sunny Stitcher 1

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Free vintage knitting pattern : Jacket to wear with your tweed skirt 1929


As an experiment this pattern is all from phone photos and I’m typing this at the British library straight to WordPress. Let me know if they aren’t clear enough and I’ll go back to using the scanner and uploading via my laptop. This is from the Needlewoman. This is 40 inches around the bust when buttoned up. I’m not sure what size bust that is for.Read More »

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: From The Lady Oct 1930 Knitted Jumper with A Slimming Line

Thank heavens for the British Library and even bigger thans to the Rare Book team. I was tearing my hair out searching the huge catalogue for this issue one issue of  The Lady, to complete the pattern I’d already posted the second half of (to make things easier I’ve reposted the picture bellow todays so the pattern reads in the right order).

Eventually I emailed the researcher team and instead of hitting the button for Newspapers, hit Rare Books and Manuscripts -oops! They responded the next day with the answer – it was listed as Lady instead of The Lady! So instead of heading to my usual reading room (either Humanities as they cover fashion or Newspapers as they cover magazines) today I entered the hallowed reading hall of rare manuscripts and books. Slightly disappointed by my fellow reaaders, who though quieter than the Humanities people, so many weren’t even looking at books, they were just using laptops. There were no wizards consulting medieval manuscripts. But excitingly the copying room as a bigger, more excellent scanner, and no queue. So here we have part one of this amazing sweater from 1930.

The page was quite big, so you may have to save and zoom to see this in a readable way. It’s quite a high res scan, so should be no problem unless you are using a phone (your interent surfing software might down res it into a blur).

Measures 38 inches around chest once finished, so for size 34-36-38 depending on how close fitted you’d like it. I’d say the model is 34 inch bust. 3ply.

free 20s 30s knitting pattern

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