Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Bestway 1777 1940s men’s gloves

On two or four needles, so something for everyone. Perhaps this would be a good gift for a boyfriend, husband or Dad, and it’s a small enough project to finish before Christmas. As the final page says “Hand knitted gloves are warm and hard wearing”.

I love the photo. He looks a little bit like a spy, hiding behind his newspaper (perhaps I’ve seen too many movies, it’s The Third Man I’m thinking of).

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Coat and Cap to match from Weldon’s Transfer Series – 1930’s

Weldon's Transfer Series Knitting Pattern 30s cap cardigan jacketIntriguing new knitted for the sporty girl! This scan seems a bit out of focus, ever so sorry. I’m trying to read what the measurements are, but it’s in the wonky bit. A British Library Scan from Weldon’s Transer Series, from Issue No. 95 Jul 1934. The beret instructions on page two are much clearer and it’s July, so in the UK we were expecting dummer, up it’s pretty cold and we could do with some jaunty caps.
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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: 30s Ladies Jumper with Bobbles

Bobble Stitch is something I’ve never tried, but for this pattern I am very tempted. It’s treasure I scanned at the British Library today, having looked through the Library Catalogue at home and found an item called Stitchcraft Leaflets. I was expecting something like the For The Junior Miss booklet. Instead I found individual patterns numbered 1 to 233. The first 1 to 120 are beautifully bound into a hardback book, which makes them tricky to scan. The rest were in six large manila envelopes. They were bought by The British Museum (forerunner to The British Library) between 1937 and 1939. Quite a lot of them were for cushions, or children’s things. I’ve picked my favourites to bring to the blog over the next two weeks. I recognised a couple from Stitchcraft magazine issues, so I think these are recycled.

It’s a marvellously realistic modern size 34-36 inch bust and is 4 ply. Let me know if it’s unreadable – I had to scan it as a pdf at the library and at home did a printscreen and edit in Paint to make it into a jpeg (my wonderful Mr SunnyStitcher is in New Zealand and is usually in charge of converting things at work, where he has all the software).

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Fair Isle and Colourwork: Twin Set from Stitchcraft

Twinsets FairIsle

This is taken from the Stitchcraft special No. SC10 – Twin Sets each in 3 sizes. It is possibly from the WW2 period – actually I know I have seen an advert for it in one of my copies of Stitchcraft, but can’t find it now to exactly date it. My own pratice fair isle swatch is coming along very slowly – two rows at a Knit and Natter meeting, three rows at home here and there. Unlike my usual knitting I can’t multitask and watch TV or chat at the same time, and I’m not enjoying it as much so have started something easier. Any advice for getting over this fair isle hump?

Here it is on Google docs.  Scroll down for jpegs.

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Free Patterns : Fair Isle and Colourwork 4 – Sixties Mod jumpers

Not fair isles, but there is more than one colour involved, so I’m adding them into that category. I adore the hair do on the left hand model and I bet her boyfriend has a Lambretta scooter. Both these jumper look awesome, but the added surprise is that the pattern has how to make those stockings too. And surprise two in the sizing. Right hand sweater is only in one size -34-35 inch bust, while the left hand “shirt” is in all sizes between 30 and 40 inches.

See it on Google Docs here.


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Free Vintage Magazine: Stitchcraft October 1945

Stitchcraft Oct 1945 P1

Click the here for the pdf or look below for jpegs.

Here is a rather pensive model in a fair isle twinset. Also inside are lacy cami knickers, a neat jumper to fit 33-35 bust with an interesting yoke-line, a jumper striped with a threaded cord in either a teeny tiny 28-30 inch or 34-36 inch bust, school stockings for a teen-age girl, crocheted belts, a bramble stitch striped jumper with a little collar, how to bottle tomatoes from the Ministry of Food and multi-coloured mittens and gloves in two sizes. That is quite a lot of patterns for only 18 pages and a cover.

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