Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Children’s fair isle berets

Now I’ve shared some patterns for the chaps (and frankly I’m bored of scanning pullovers), how about some accessories? I plan to share a few, begining with three children’s fair isle berets made up in 3 ply. This is another I found on my hols in the Peak District. It’s quite old, being a 3 pence (3 D) priced pattern, but the charity shop clearly didn’t respect this and slapped an annoying sticker on it!

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern- Beret pattern for 10 -18 years.

I thought I had already posted this, but maybe I didn’t. Anyway, have it again. It’s one of the many, many pictures which are divorced from any details of what I scanned it from. But what on earth is “stocking web”? Do we think it means a rib or stocking stitch? EDIT- “Stockinette” was knit one row and purl one row in another 1930’s pattern, so perhaps they hadn’t settled on today’s phrase of stocking stitch.

free hat pattern

Free Vintage Hat Pattern: A 30s Beret and a Jaunty Cap

Woman and Home Knitting Leaflet beret knitting pattern

Ok, I promised to scan some of my own patterns and even made a nice pile and put it in an in-tray. Then I just did two and got really bored and didn’t post anything. It’s far, far more exciting to use the giant scanner at the British Library and actually in minutes per scan it’s quicker. Here are two quick knits, a Juliet Cap (do you think this name is from Romeo and Juliet?) and a Beret is garter stitch, which I think make it a good one for beginners.

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