Free Vintage Knitting Magazine – Stitchcraft from June 1952

stitchcraftjune1952As promised, I’m departing from the thirties, looking back into my own collection of knitting ephemera and on to the fifties. Here is an issue of Stitchcraft which has appeared in my collection, possibly from eBay, but I really can’t remember – these things just appear in my house. Either they are breeding or I’m sleep shopping.

Inside there are four knitted ladies summer tops – starting from top left picture on page 14 v-neck with tiny stripes has 33 – 34 inch bust ; the 2-ply twin set (also shown on cover) has a bust of 33-34 or 35-36 inches; V-Neck blouse with big stripes (refered to as green v-neck blouse) fits a 35-36 inch bust; Sleeveless Jumper sweater has a bust of 33-34 inch bust. They are also shown in colour on the inside back cover. Page 12 has several ways to wear a scarf in summer.

Also includes some hair-pin crochet for a stole and circular shawl on page 4, 5 and 20; Girl’s sun suit and jacket for age 7 (22-24 inch waist); boys trunks for age 6 to 7; men’s sweater in thick wool with chunky cables picture on page 7 and pattern on page 22 in two sizes 36-38 inch chest and 39-41; crochet ladies gloves; some ladies caps in Angora; and a bag for to take to the beach.

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Free Vintage Knitting Magazine – Stitchcraft January 1947

Stitchcraft Jan 1947 p

This issue has the above Fair Isle jumper and cap (33-35 inch bust), snug legging for a toddler, a raglan boys jumper (27 inch chest), a knitted nightie and bed jacket (if that sounds weird, imagine winter with no central heating and a limited amount of coal); a bobble and stripe jumper (33-35), four sizes of polo neck pullover (31-33, 34-36, 37-39 and 40-42). There are some Ministry of Food recipes on page 17 for a Christmas party too.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Boys Sweater for the young scientist

This one is a creased and well loved charity shop 50p rescue. I haven’t got any children and am very happy mothering my cats, but I can’t stop buying kids patterns, especially if they involve wildly inappropriate in the 21st century things, like hammers and this time it’s chemistry! I like the bit of colourwork along the bottom. For boys and girls 24, 26 or 28 inch chest. And look at the text – ” Forward- looking 4 to 9 year olds are demanding colour at the waist and cuffs of their v-neck raglan sweaters in double knitting.” That’s a suspiciously specific demand. (I suspect someone from the wool shop has been giving out sweets, or possibly chemistry sets in return for kids badgering their Mum’s for specific raglan v-necks).

Boys grey jumper chemistry


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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Child’s Cable Polo Neck

Miss Polo Neck and Mr Polo Neck have produced a lovely polo neck child and then given him a hammer. Ideal for young children to amuse themselves!

I did actually have my own hammer as a child, but at this child’s age it was in a plastic toy  tool set. I didn’t get a real one till I was about 8 or 9. That long summer holiday I spent every day hitting nails into bits of wool in the garage while singing along to Radio 1 and after six  whole weeks  I had made just the front door and two steps for a dolls house. Such fun though.

Unrelated to hammers, do they call this a roll neck in the US?  This comes in two sizes, either 26 or 28 inch chest. I can date this pattern accurately to 1971 as it has two prices shown. In 1971 the UK swapped from shillings and guineas, to decimal pence and pounds.

For the free vintage knitting pattern, click the picture.

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