Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Sideways Knit Short Sleeved Jumper That is Just Super!

Free Vintage Kntting Pattern SummeryOMG Isn’t this fabulous! and it’s knitted sideways with multi-coloured stripes. It’s also wearable in Spring and Summer as it has short sleeves (and here in the UK it’s going to be the hottest I’ve ever known it tomorrow at 33 degrees C, so obviously thick winter sweaters aren’t on my mind at the moment).  It is green, fawn, rust, yellow and brown and is for a 33-35 inch bust. I’ve spotted that a couple of the other Stitchcraft Leaflets I have scanned were originally featured in the monthly Stitchcraft Magazine, so here it is as the cover photo.

Here are the pdfs (which are clearer and zoomable compared to the pictures) Page 1   and   Page 2 and 3

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Boys Sweater for the young scientist

This one is a creased and well loved charity shop 50p rescue. I haven’t got any children and am very happy mothering my cats, but I can’t stop buying kids patterns, especially if they involve wildly inappropriate in the 21st century things, like hammers and this time it’s chemistry! I like the bit of colourwork along the bottom. For boys and girls 24, 26 or 28 inch chest. And look at the text – ” Forward- looking 4 to 9 year olds are demanding colour at the waist and cuffs of their v-neck raglan sweaters in double knitting.” That’s a suspiciously specific demand. (I suspect someone from the wool shop has been giving out sweets, or possibly chemistry sets in return for kids badgering their Mum’s for specific raglan v-necks).

Boys grey jumper chemistry


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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Child’s Cable Polo Neck

Miss Polo Neck and Mr Polo Neck have produced a lovely polo neck child and then given him a hammer. Ideal for young children to amuse themselves!

I did actually have my own hammer as a child, but at this child’s age it was in a plastic toy  tool set. I didn’t get a real one till I was about 8 or 9. That long summer holiday I spent every day hitting nails into bits of wool in the garage while singing along to Radio 1 and after six  whole weeks  I had made just the front door and two steps for a dolls house. Such fun though.

Unrelated to hammers, do they call this a roll neck in the US?  This comes in two sizes, either 26 or 28 inch chest. I can date this pattern accurately to 1971 as it has two prices shown. In 1971 the UK swapped from shillings and guineas, to decimal pence and pounds.

For the free vintage knitting pattern, click the picture.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern 30s – For Days in The Sun

Here is some 1930s knitted cuteness from Stitchcraft Magazine May 1937. It is a knitted dress for sunny days with a matching set of knitted knickers. I’m not sure what age it is intended for, but the measurements are length from top of bodice 18 inches, waist 17 1/2 inches. Click the picture for pdf or scroll down for jpgs.

Stitchcraft 1937


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Another one for the cute kids in knitwear competition

Aww! This is a kid who doesn’t know what to do and is looking bashfully at her Mum off camera.

Click the picture for the free pdf scan of the pattern which comes in four sizes –  chest 46, 51, 56 or 61cm (18, 20, 22, 24 inches) and the needle sizes are in UK old style and new metric. Its knitted in DK and could be from the 70s or 80s.

Kids Sweater with Cat and Dog