Free Knitting Pattern from 1940’s Bestway 1640 Tyrolean Jumper Embroidered with Flowers


Isn’t this lovely! It’s in the Tyrolean style, which I think of being the hippie look of the 30s and 40s as it referenced traditional styles worn in rural areas.  It’s for a

I’ve been sorting through my piles of patterns and ordering them by decade and have unearthed quite a few I bought on my holidays last year and forgot to post, hence the sudden flurry of posts. I’ve been trying to declutter using the Mari Kondo (or Konmari) method. You get to keep everything that gives you joy – all of my knitting patterns brought me joy, but once they are scanned and forever online, I don’t need to the paper patterns. Expect to see a sale on eBay soon, where my seller name is embarrassingly what I choose aged 20 – pinkafairy2323 – *blushing but owning it*

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern from 1940’s Weldon’s Lovely Bolero


This is a nice little 40’s bolero pattern I found in a charity shop. Charity shop knitting pattern shopping is not easy. I might visit 6 or 7 before I find a single pattern and then you must always ask as for some reason they’ll be kept in a folder in a back room. Mostly they have 80’s patterns, but eventually a gem like this will be found. I spend my holidays scouring village charity shops, as inner city London has no knitting patterns at all in charity shops (these are also called Op Shops or Goodwill is you are abroad).

It’s for a 36″ bust as worn open, but has a finished measurement of 34″.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Ladies Puff Sleeve jumper (from 1940’s?)

Copley's 1255 Knitting Pattern WW2 topThis lovely pattern can be made either long or short sleeved. From the forties I’m thinking from the style, but by the size of the pages maybe it is just after the war or before in 1938 or 1939, as there was strict paper rationing during World War Two in Britain and a lot of the patterns I have from that area are around a quarter of the size. The puff sleeves are adorable, I’m such a sucker for that style. The bust size is 33-34 inches. No idea about the ply of the yarn as it only lists it Copley’s Cryscelle, but as a rough guess, it is knitted on Size 10 and 12 needles, which are UK Size 3.25 and 2.75mm, US 3 and 1, so a 2 or 3ply yard as those are some super slim needles.Read More »

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Spotty Sweater for Beginners

Screenshot 2015-06-10 18.13.42Firstly hello to all the lovely people who have been looking at my site. I’m always amazed by the amount and surprised by the global reach, so a sunny hello and welcome to knitters, dressmakers and vintage fans from Japan, Slovenia, Belgium, China, Denmark, Switzerland, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Romania, Slovakia, and the top ten most visiting countries of Great Britain, North America, Australia, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway, and everywhere else.

Now this promises it is suitable for beginners, but as I haven’t tried it I can’t promise this. I can promise that it will be incredibly chic. The bust size is 32- 34 inches and it’s an incredibly short pattern, so shouldn’t take long to make. The spots are embroidered on afterwards. It is Stitchcraft Leaflet 162, from 1939. Isn’t her hair-do fabulous!

Here are the pdfs –  Spots are chic and Spots are Chic page 2 and 3

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