Free Vintage Magazine – 1938 Portfolio of Fashion from Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal No. 708

Weldon's Ladies Journal 1938 free knitting pattern2Portfolio of Fashion was a supplement to Weldon’s Ladies Journal, which was full of pictures giving the reader the latest fashion news, but really a vehicle for selling patterns. I’ve dated this one by the clothes as late thirties. Rationing and coupon economy isn’t mentioned and there is an advert for “Style 38” which makes me think this is from 1938.

Here is the whole magazine as a pdf – Weldon’s Portfolio 1938 free magazine  – which includes all the pages. Below is a small selection. If you want to own the real magazine and are free on Saturday, come along to the Classic Car Boot Sale and find me sharing a stall. I’ll be selling knitting and sewing patterns and some Stitchcraft, Needlewoman and Woman’s Weekly magazines, plus I have three or four magazines like this one, which advertise sewing patterns.

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Fashion History Lesson – Dior’s New Look Wasn’t New and Chanel Didn’t Like It.

The classic idea of 50s fashion is the New Look.  I’ve read a lot of fashion history books lately (and will do a post on the best ones soon) but here is a little of what has been on my mind. Did you know Christian Dior, credited with the New Look which changed women’s fashion was sponsored by a cotton magnate?

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