Modern Novels set in Golden Age including Agatha Christie herself solving crimes

Fenella Woolgar playing a young Agatha Christie in Doctor Who

For those not of a geeky persuasion, you might not know that Agatha Christie has appeared in Doctor Who fighting giant alien wasps with David Tennant (clip here). I’ve learnt recently of a second fictional Christie appearance, appropriately solving a murder at a vicarage.Read More »

Bodies in the Library & Fans of vintage clothes and knitting also love crime novels (off topic)

The Golden Age of Mystery Fiction (approx. 1920 – 1945)

Venn DiagramThis is slightly off topic, but as you see from my imaginary Venn diagram of vintage knitters, wearers, sewists and Agatha Christie and other Golden Age author fans, there is a big overlap. I was lucky enough to meet the editor of the British Library Crime Classics imprint previously mentioned here, and introduce him to this demographic of readers he was previously ignorant of, at Bodies In The Library, a one day conference of writers, academics and über fans of the Golden Age of Crime.

Now if it had been a Gothic literature conference, there would have been a lot of people in black with lace and corsets, or a Sci-fi book convention there would be a smattering dressed in character. Alas I was the only person dressed ready to solve a 1930s country house crime, in my handmade 1930’s original pattern skirt (which I keep meaning to blog about) and hand knit sweater with a tweed jacket and sensible brogues for pursuing miscreants. One lady commented on my shoes, but apart from that I think people thought I was bonkers and had come in fancy dress – lucky I hadn’t gone the whole hog and worn a vintage hat (this was only omitted as I had to leave the house in a hurry). I wanted to point out that I really do just dress like that quite often (and on a side note, abhor the wearing of jeans as everyone from a toddler to a Grandpa seems to dress the same, which is so dull, or simply sickmaking as Evelyn Waugh would put it).

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Agatha Christie – New Exhibition of Photographs

I’m such a big fan that I’ve visited her summer house Greenway twice (and photographed her book collection in minute detail, if anyone wants to see those). Next time I go, I’m planning to stay actually in the house as there is National Trust holiday flat.

Anyway, today’s excitement – There is going to be a photographic exhibition at the Bankside Gallery London from 6th September Agatha Christie – Unfinished Portrait running from August to September 2015. I’ll definitely be brushing up my cloche hat to wear to this one.