Free Vintage Crochet Pattern – from 1932/33

Getting a New Slant On Things – this¬†diagonally-striped jumper is crocheted in a simple pattern. It’s finished measurements are 35 inches across the bust, so it’s for a 33-35 inch bust depending on how tight you’d like it.

2015-08-12 14.33.09

This one is a little bit higgledy-piggledy, as it’s a variety of pictures I took on my phone, rather than a proper scan. I wasn’t going to let an out of order scanner stop me! It’s Jumper Jill, my favourite model in Stitchcraft magazine in either 1932 or 1933.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern from Stitchcraft Issue 4 January 1933

This knitting pattern is from Stitchcraft Issue 4, January 1933 – a coat, jumper and rather odd little hat – perhaps it could be a torque or side sitting cap and the weird crown could just be left off? The finished bust of the coat and top is 36 inches.This is described as “tailored knitting” which is just so chic. Ah, I remember early on just posting amusing knitting patterns, with cute kids or funny men leaning on trees. Now I’ve gone down a rabbit hole into serious fashion history stuff and consquently this blog is less amusing and more “I want this, and this,and this!” and “why can’t I be that chic and well tailored”. And also “sigh, another one not in my bust size.” Addressing the last one, I did look at thirties patterns in larger sizes, but they were all designed for 1930s old ladies and looked a bit frumpy. Coming up tomorrow I have a not frumpy one, described as being “for the slightly larger than average.”

I can’t decide if this is Jumper Jill or not from the side profile. Hmm. She was in the same issue in an underwear set.¬†

2015-08-12 14.07.47

Stitchcraft Issue 4 Looking Forward to Spring January 1933 2015-08-12 14.08.54

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Bestway Knitting 1938 A Dear Little Jumper

free vintage knitting pattern 1938 A charming jumperJumper Jill saves the day! In my previous post I confessed that my files are all of a muddle and I couldn’t say which publication I scanned it from. Well, this one has yealded to a spot of detection work, as it features my favourite model, who I’ve dubbed Jumper Jill. My notebook suggests this is most likely to be from Bestway Knitting 1938 issue 43 “Charming Summer Jumpers” which I scanned at the British Library way back in July.

Bust 34 to 38 inches in one size, depending on how closely fitted you’d like. Needs 2 ply yarn.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Good Needlework 1930s Spring

Free Vintage Pattern Sweater 30sSpring WooliesHere is Jumper Jill again. Since I named this thirties knitting pattern model, Theodora has shared some more pictures of her. I’m not the only person who is wildly curious about this model, who is my most favourite. My latest idea is that she was a) possibly a photographers wife or b) a debutant. Read Theodora’s blog at Theodora Goes Wild – She’s also been sharing some lovely vintage knitting patterns.

The pattern I’m sharing today is for the two sweaters on the left from Good Needlework, April 1936. I’m slighlty bonkers for knits with collars. Also I’d like to say sorry for the wonky scans – all my British Library Scans are more wonky than my home collection, due to the restrictions on how you can handle the pages – no placing them face down!

Finished measurements 35 inches around bust. The pattern describes the front detail as “vestee inset” which makes me smile for some reason.Read More »

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: 30s Short Sleeved Sailor Collar

Good Needlework and Knitting

This post was from a request. A couple of months ago I asked if any readers had a specific pattern they’d like hunted down and this was one of them, and one which I’d really like to knit! It’s the sweater above on the right. I would have scanned both, but I was in the Rare Books room at the British Library and they scrutinise how much you copy from each source (and as no one else scans knitting patterns, they look at me sceptically when I correctly inform them that it comes under industrial design copyright, which makes it copyright free now). Next time I’ll order for a different room, where the scrutinty is lax (shhh, not saying where in case the staff get into trouble).

This sweater is 37 inches around the bust, but this young lady appears in many, many patterns and usually they are for a smaller bust size than this, which confuses me.

She appears so in so many patterns (I’ve seen her in Weldon’s patterns, as well as in Stich In Time Volumes 1 and 2), that I’m going to name her, so I can tag all the patterns – say hello to Jumper Jill.

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