Free Vintage Knitting Pattern – Thirties Men’s Sweater


How great is his moustache? I have a lot of menswear patterns to scan, but this is the only pre-70s one with a tache. The size of the pages are pretty large, so I’m confident this is from the pre-WW2 days when paper was scarce and patterns shrank.

At the bottom of the middle two pages is a great diagram for how to do a stretchy thumb cast on. It’s worth scrolling down to the last page which advertises other patterns which were available. It breaks my heart that I don’t own all of them.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern from 1930’s – Harlequin

Harlequin free thirties knitting pattern 34-36 inch bust

34-36 inch bust

This one is from Listers of Bradford, who have the best strap line – “The nicest wools to use.” Not shrink proof, soft or long lasting, just nice; the best understated British compliment. I’m dating it as thirties based on the price of 2D. All my single item patterns from the 1940’s are 3D. It’s also bigger than the wartime ones, which were smaller due to paper shortages. In the fifties patterns went into colour photography. The back cover designs also look more of the period than this one.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern – Vintage-esque – 1970s does 1930s Ladies Lace Yoke Jumper

As well as buying properly old knitting patterns, I’ve got quite a lot of seventies ones. These fall into three camps: those that amuse me, those I’d wear because I like the decade (and don’t care what anyone says about it) and those I’ve bought because they look like older styles, but in more modern size ranges and yarns. I’m going to scan and share some of the later catagory here, starting with this one, which is actually from 1980. I did start writing a very serious blog post about nostalgic styles from the twenties, thirties and forties appearing in 70s fashions, but never finished it, though I did make an impressive Pinterest board and stick lots of post-it notes in magazines. I didn’t even get to considering the knitwear angle or the early 80s.

This is knitted in DK and is in bust sizes from 32 to 40 inches – horray for bigger busted knitting patterns! To make this more 1930s I’d shorten the body to begin by the natural waist, or wear it with a belt.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: V Neck Deco Sweater from Stitchcraft 1933

Page1From March 1933. This is for the slightly larger than average apparently. That makes me slightly larger than the slightly larger than average – it measures 38 inches, so I think it’s intended for 36 inch bust and doesn’t the model look slim! Not at all above average. It’s made in light green and dark green wool.

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Free WW2 Knitting Pattern: Woolies for Wardens – Ladies jumper

Forties Knitting Pattern LadiesOne of two posts on this publication from 1941 to keep wardens warm, which is Bestway Knitting magazine issue 74. This is the pattern for ths ladies jumper on the left. It’s 36 inch bust (could be finished measurement, could be size it’s designed for, who can say!). 3 ply yarn.

I recently had an enlightening converstion with fellow vintage knitter, blogger and instagramer Theodora. I mentioned using the 2 ply Jamieson and Smith yarn, which I have used several times as they have such a great range of colours at my local yarn shop (Prick Your Finger in Bethnal Green), even though it is a bit itchy. She told me it won’t knit to the true 3 ply size and  your garment will come out bigger, and I had an “a-ha!” moment, realising that by using this yarn I had accidentally made a couple of sweaters exactly the bigger bust size I needed. Looking at their website, it calls it 2 ply Jumper yarn and says you can use it for knitting vintage patterns which call for 4 ply. Has anyone tried the 2 ply lace weight? The J & S website says that this is suitable for vintage patterns asking for 3 ply. Read More »

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Bestway Knitting 1938 A Dear Little Jumper

free vintage knitting pattern 1938 A charming jumperJumper Jill saves the day! In my previous post I confessed that my files are all of a muddle and I couldn’t say which publication I scanned it from. Well, this one has yealded to a spot of detection work, as it features my favourite model, who I’ve dubbed Jumper Jill. My notebook suggests this is most likely to be from Bestway Knitting 1938 issue 43 “Charming Summer Jumpers” which I scanned at the British Library way back in July.

Bust 34 to 38 inches in one size, depending on how closely fitted you’d like. Needs 2 ply yarn.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Easy to Knit and Charming thirties ladies top

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern 30s thirties 1930s 30's 1930's Well look at this with an unusual stitch and puff sleeves. Where is it from? I have no idea. I’m looking at my jpgs and wondering. Somehow when I converted them from pdfs and edited them, all the data on what date it was disappeared and my notes on what I scanned make no sense. Will try harder in future. In the mean time, enjoy the vintage pattern anyway! it’s a bust size from 32 inch to 35 inches, due to the stretchy nature of knitting. Read More »