Free Knitting Magazine from mid-60s with 8 patterns

This is a bumper post of a whole booklet of patterns. It might have been from the UK newspaper The Mirror, but I’m not sure. Has anyone heard of the Women’s Mirror? I’m sorry about the text that runs across pages 8 and 9. If you view them side by side its just legible. From the hair I’m guessing it is from the mid-sixties.

Each pattern is in a range of sizes. Sunny Honeycomb cardigan on the front cover is 32 – 40 inch bust. The Chunky Check is 34-38. The men’s Leisure Look is 38-40. Four Fabulous styles from one pattern is 36-38. Cuddle Coat is 34-40. Saddle Shoulder Sweater for men is 38-44. The unusual stitch Cross Knit Cutie is 34-40. Peppermint and Purple is 32-38.

Hit read more to see the gallery of pictures or click HERE for the pdf.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Men’s late 60s sweaters Sirdar 5084

I just love the neckwear on the left. Here is pait of very functional men’s sweaters from the late 1960s. This is in chest sizes 38, 40, 42 and 44. I also like it’s simplicity in that you cast on the back and after the bottom section of ribbing, it tells you to just keep knitting till it’s the right length. Great for a beginner and I often wear a comfy, slouchy men’s jumper in winter (particularly after Christmas, hiding my extra pounds). Size 8 needles in UK imperial are a 4mm or US 6. Yarn is one of those discontinued mysteries – I think it’s a skinny sort of DK, as you wouldn’t knit aran or 4-ply on 4mm needles and Ravelry argees with me.

Click read more to see the pictures of the pattern or see the pdf HERE.

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Free Vintage Pattern from 1928 – ladies panel front jumper

free vintage knitting pattern from Sunny Stitcher page 2-2

This beautiful jumper is from 1928, published in Leach’s Six Penny Knitting Series Issue 104 which is subtitled Jumper-Suits, Jumpers and Cardigans. Width around under arms is 38″, but it is supposed to be baggy, or “have positive ease” as expert knitters call it. Scroll down below the front cover for the pattern.

free vintage knitting pattern from Sunny Stitcher 1

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Free Vintage Pattern from the 1940s/ 1930s? No. 2744 from Patons & Baldwins


34 – 36 inch bust

I’m guessing by the haircut and width of shoulder that this is a WW2 pattern, however it’s a bigger size (appearing in the scanned form as actual size) than P&B leaflets I’ve seen which are definitely from that period, so it could be late 1930’s or early enough on in the war that the paper restrictions and shortages hadn’t affected knitting patterns yet. I was another holiday charity shop find and is rather fragile and has been taped glued back together at some point.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern – Groovy 1970 – 1971 Men’s Sweater & Scarf Combo


Check this guy out – he’s such a dude in that scarf and jumper combo, and he knows it. I want to represent all of the good bits of the twentieth century¬†(that are also out of copyright!) on this website, so after a run of quality 1930’s and 1940’s patterns, here is a gem from the late 1960’s or early 1970’s *. It’s made in DK yarn, which is possibly worsted or 8 ply in other countries.

*The pattern has both old currency and new decimalised British money as the price. As decimalisation was February 1971, I presume this pattern was published in 1970, but can’t be 100% sure. The style reminds me of 1969 and for no apparent reason this:

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