Patons 1009

In case there aren’t enough lacy tops with “man-appeal” (see last post), here is another. This one says it is “the pretty look,” which I think is rather a charming descripton. Today’s fashion is probably never described as the pretty look, unless it’s fashion for small girls. As I’ve said a few times already, shorten the pattern or add a belt to make it more like early decades of the twentieth century. Or wear it in a true 1974 fashion and go all Laura Ashley with a maxi-skirt. Patons 1009 ladies jumper free knitting pattern

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Lacey tops With Man Appeal

Another pattern being shared because I think it looks like it could be worn as an older era’s clothes, maybe. It’s from the 1970s and I think that the baby pink is rather yukky. The yarn is called Kismet, which is describes as acrylic and mohair, which I’m sure would be scratchy and annoying. Also it doesn’t say what size of yarn it was. Best of all this pattern is “strong on man-appeal”, a least that’s what it says. Bust 32 to 40 inches.

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Ladies Twinset knitting pattern

On Saturday I visited  a vintage car boot sale and walked around far too much. Oh my achey legs the next day! It was worth it as I came back with some fantastic treasure – knitting patterns, some thread and fasteners which were exactly what I need for planned projects, a lovely black handbag, a gravy jug and egg cups that match a vintage set I’m collecting. While I rest up this week I will try and upload a pattern a day. Here is the first – click the picture to see the whole pattern.

Ladies Twinset

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