Agatha Christie – New Exhibition of Photographs

I’m such a big fan that I’ve visited her summer house Greenway twice (and photographed her book collection in minute detail, if anyone wants to see those). Next time I go, I’m planning to stay actually in the house as there is National Trust holiday flat.

Anyway, today’s excitement – There is going to be a photographic exhibition at the Bankside Gallery London from 6th September Agatha Christie – Unfinished Portrait running from August to September 2015. I’ll definitely¬†be brushing up my cloche¬†hat to wear to this one.

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Like Miss Lemon’s jumper in Poirot no. 2

Following on from yesterday’s Miss Lemon jumper, here is another. It has a slightly different neck embellishment, in a scarf style rather than a bow (I think I prefer the bow. but I imagine a mash up of the two patterns would be perfect.) I’m not impressed that a 34-36 bust is described as slightly over average, but then I imagine I’m less malnurished than I would have been if I was a shorter, svelte 1930s lady.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Like Miss Lemon’s jumper in Poirot no. 1

Miss Lemon's JumperRemember how I am a bit obsessed with Miss Lemon’s jumper? See my previous post. Finally I think I’ve found a fairly similar knitting pattern, then I found a second one. Here is the first, from Stitchcraft Leaflet No. 10 from 1937. Apologies for the wiggley scanning. It was bound into a hardback book by British Library curators and was difficult to scan, hence my hand in the scanner (spot the finger in the picture). Jumper number two will follow tomorrow! Finished measurements 34-35 inches.

Miss Lemon's Jumper 1930s vintage knitting pattern

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