Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Twinset in 34 to 40 inch bust

Sidar 5418 ladies jumper free knitting patternThis one is another vintage-esque pattern (forgive my mangling of the English language). Really as it is older than 25, it qualifies as vintage, but by vintage-esque I mean it harks back to an earlier period than that. Styling it with a beret makes it even more nostalgic. To make it up to wear in a 1930s to 50s way, make it slightly shorter. The bust sizes are from 34 –  40 inches and it needs DK yarn. I picked this one up last year in Dartmouth, while on my second trip to lovely Devon, which has fantastic charity shops, countryside and Agatha Christie’s country house.

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Free Knitting Pattern: His and Hers Cardigans from the 1960’s

Menswear is a little neglected on this blog, but I’ve scoured the Peak District on my holiday, ignoring the (rainy) outdoors and concentrating on charity shops and antique centres and I’ve found mostly men’s patterns from 1930s to 1970s. Here is the first – I love the hair do and the scarf on the left.

For DK yarn in 34 to 44 inch chest.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Boys Sweater for the young scientist

This one is a creased and well loved charity shop 50p rescue. I haven’t got any children and am very happy mothering my cats, but I can’t stop buying kids patterns, especially if they involve wildly inappropriate in the 21st century things, like hammers and this time it’s chemistry! I like the bit of colourwork along the bottom. For boys and girls 24, 26 or 28 inch chest. And look at the text – ” Forward- looking 4 to 9 year olds are demanding colour at the waist and cuffs of their v-neck raglan sweaters in double knitting.” That’s a suspiciously specific demand. (I suspect someone from the wool shop has been giving out sweets, or possibly chemistry sets in return for kids badgering their Mum’s for specific raglan v-necks).

Boys grey jumper chemistry


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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: 50s Roll Neck

Here is some treasure found today in a secondhand furniture shop on Broadway Market in Hackney. It is in three sizes 34, 36 or 38 inch – yay! This is rarer in older patterns and means no tricky calculations to make it fit a non-vintage body type like mine. This is called Ladies Classic  Raglan Sports Jumper, though you might be wondering what sport needs a high neck woolie like this. The answer is all sports played in Britain between September and May. It is made by a company called Marriners, which is really annoying as it should be spelled mariners, though I might let them off, as the company is named after R.V. Marriner Spinners.  I’ve been knitting with only 4-ply yarn for months, so a nice DK jumper will be a quick knit for a change. Just have to finish the three things I already have on the go…

50s Roll Neck free vintage knitting pattern
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“Smart Partners” Twinset for a Knitmaster

This is a fifties twinset with  a vee-neck cardigan and raglan sleeves. It is in three sizes 32- 36in. It is from the vintage car boot sale. Alas after scanning this I realised it is for a Knitmaster knitting machine. I think you could use the pattern to make a hand knit, but you’d have to work out what size of needle to use. Apart from that. I think all the details should be there. As I promised one pattern a day, I’ll scan another.

Click the picture to get the free vintage knitting pattern.

Knitmaster twinset