Full Magazine Scan – Stitchcraft October 1953

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One of my charity and Antique Shop finds from my hols, hence it’s creased condition. Here is a full scan of this issue of Stitchcraft from 1953. It includes these patterns:

  • For 8 -10 year old’s a lumber jacket.
  • Men’s lumber jacket in chest sizes 37-38, 39-40 and 41-42
  • Ladies turtle neck dolman sleeve top 33-34 inch bust
  • Ladies twin set on cover in 35-36 and 37-38 inch bust
  • Suggestions for Christmas gifts in embroidery and other stitches (advertising  the transfers which were sold via mail order)
  • Ladies Angora tippet
  • Ladies Fringed shawl
  • Ladies “Hug Me Tight” waistcoat 33-34 inch bust
  • Woofy dog toy
  • Ladies warm button up jumper 34-35 and 36-37 inch bust

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Free Vintage Crochet Pattern – from 1932/33

Getting a New Slant On Things – this diagonally-striped jumper is crocheted in a simple pattern. It’s finished measurements are 35 inches across the bust, so it’s for a 33-35 inch bust depending on how tight you’d like it.

2015-08-12 14.33.09

This one is a little bit higgledy-piggledy, as it’s a variety of pictures I took on my phone, rather than a proper scan. I wasn’t going to let an out of order scanner stop me! It’s Jumper Jill, my favourite model in Stitchcraft magazine in either 1932 or 1933.

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Free Vintage Crochet Pattern: This Attractive Affair from Stitchcraft August 1936

This one may look familiar if you follow me on Instagram. I’ve knitted a similar jumper which was reprinted in A Stitch In Time Volume 2, but originally came from this magazine. This is the crochet version. It’s a 32 to 34 inch bust, designed for a 2 ply cotton. I made mine from Rowan Mercised Cotton, which is now discontinued. It wasn’t exactly the right yarn, as it came out quite a lot longer than intended. Since then the author of A Stitch In Time has released her own cotton yarn called Coquette. Incidentally I haven’t been paid for the plug, but I have met Susan Crawford once and she’s a very nice person.

Stitchcraft August 1936 free vintage knitting patternBelow left is Theodora modeling the book knitted version and on the right is my knitted version. The pattern via Ravelry for the knitted version which has been sized up for a varietyof sizes. Scroll down for the pattern for the crochet version.

2015-08-11 22.38.36

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: V Neck Deco Sweater from Stitchcraft 1933

Page1From March 1933. This is for the slightly larger than average apparently. That makes me slightly larger than the slightly larger than average – it measures 38 inches, so I think it’s intended for 36 inch bust and doesn’t the model look slim! Not at all above average. It’s made in light green and dark green wool.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern from Stitchcraft Issue 4 January 1933

This knitting pattern is from Stitchcraft Issue 4, January 1933 – a coat, jumper and rather odd little hat – perhaps it could be a torque or side sitting cap and the weird crown could just be left off? The finished bust of the coat and top is 36 inches.This is described as “tailored knitting” which is just so chic. Ah, I remember early on just posting amusing knitting patterns, with cute kids or funny men leaning on trees. Now I’ve gone down a rabbit hole into serious fashion history stuff and consquently this blog is less amusing and more “I want this, and this,and this!” and “why can’t I be that chic and well tailored”. And also “sigh, another one not in my bust size.” Addressing the last one, I did look at thirties patterns in larger sizes, but they were all designed for 1930s old ladies and looked a bit frumpy. Coming up tomorrow I have a not frumpy one, described as being “for the slightly larger than average.”

I can’t decide if this is Jumper Jill or not from the side profile. Hmm. She was in the same issue in an underwear set. 

2015-08-12 14.07.47

Stitchcraft Issue 4 Looking Forward to Spring January 1933 2015-08-12 14.08.54

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern from Stitchcraft Issue 2 November 1932: Diamond Pattern

Issue 2 November 1932
Issue 2 November 1932

From Issue 2 of Sitchcraft,November 1932 (pages 5 and 28). This pattern is for size 34 inch bust. Instead of scanning this is photographed. I have tried to do a full page picture and then lots of close ups. I’m undecided whether to continue with this method. It’s quicker than scanning, but perhaps makes it confusing when trying to knit.

Original was in scarlett and white “a gay colour scheme for November days.” Full on apologies for the N word appearing to descibe black wool. I’ve seen this appearing a lot in this context. free vintage knitting pattern ladies jumperRead More »

Free Vintage Knitting Magazine – Stitchcraft from June 1952

stitchcraftjune1952As promised, I’m departing from the thirties, looking back into my own collection of knitting ephemera and on to the fifties. Here is an issue of Stitchcraft which has appeared in my collection, possibly from eBay, but I really can’t remember – these things just appear in my house. Either they are breeding or I’m sleep shopping.

Inside there are four knitted ladies summer tops – starting from top left picture on page 14 v-neck with tiny stripes has 33 – 34 inch bust ; the 2-ply twin set (also shown on cover) has a bust of 33-34 or 35-36 inches; V-Neck blouse with big stripes (refered to as green v-neck blouse) fits a 35-36 inch bust; Sleeveless Jumper sweater has a bust of 33-34 inch bust. They are also shown in colour on the inside back cover. Page 12 has several ways to wear a scarf in summer.

Also includes some hair-pin crochet for a stole and circular shawl on page 4, 5 and 20; Girl’s sun suit and jacket for age 7 (22-24 inch waist); boys trunks for age 6 to 7; men’s sweater in thick wool with chunky cables picture on page 7 and pattern on page 22 in two sizes 36-38 inch chest and 39-41; crochet ladies gloves; some ladies caps in Angora; and a bag for to take to the beach.

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Free Vintage Pattern: Striped Details on a Smart Cardigan

Here is leaflet 228 from Stitchcraft, last of the scans I made on my last trip to the British Library. My plan is to go back and scan from different sources, Good Needlework for example and look at both 20s and 40s, but as the library had all 228 of the leaflets, I’m sure I will revisit this collection.

It is a much more modern friendly bust size of 34-36 (unlike the 30-32 inch post yesterday).At first it looks marvelous, then I notice the entire thing is knitted in ribbing, which will make it very clingy and rather fiddly to knit up, as you will be changing from knit to purl constantly.

Doesn’t this model look bored, like she’s thinking she can’t take anymore of the photographer talking about his holidays, though as it’s from September 1939, perhaps she’s tired from worrying about the war which had just begun.

Here are the pdfs for this pattern – Page 1, Page 2 and 3, Page 4

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern from 1930s

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Embroidered Zigzags Short-sleeved Sweater From Late 30s

It’s nearly the end of my series of thirties knits scanned at the British Library, but don’t fret vintage pattern addicts – I have a hoard of 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s patterns to scan from my own collection. For those in London, I’m also planning to sell some of my vintage patterns and magazines, sewing patterns and fabric at the Hackney Jumble Trail (weather permitting, if it rains people might have to come up to my flat).

Today’s pattern is from the end of the Sitchcraft Leaflet Series and has lovely embroidered zigzags. The bust size is a tiny 30 -32 inch and can be made with long or short sleeves. As a larger bust size than this, I’m thinking of adding that kind of embroidered design to a different pattern of a more generous size – perhaps something that I don’t wear very often having become bored with it.

Unfortunately the date stamp was too faint to read, but I’m fairly sure that part of the collection was from the late thirties. Here are the pdf versions of the three pages – page 1, page 2 and 3, Page 4Free vintage knitting pattern from 1930sRead More »