Free Vintage Knitting Patterns – Tops from 1935 (Fay’s Second Book of Knitting and Crochet)

This is was published in 1934. (I think my friend Theodora might have done the actual scanning, as we visited the British Library together – I recommend her blog for more than just free knitting patterns, she is also a designer and vintage knitwear model and an eloquent writer).

Fay's Second book of knittingFay's Second book of knitting (3) - Copy

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Free Vintage Hat Pattern: A 30s Beret and a Jaunty Cap

Woman and Home Knitting Leaflet beret knitting pattern

Ok, I promised to scan some of my own patterns and even made a nice pile and put it in an in-tray. Then I just did two and got really bored and didn’t post anything. It’s far, far more exciting to use the giant scanner at the British Library and actually in minutes per scan it’s quicker. Here are two quick knits, a Juliet Cap (do you think this name is from Romeo and Juliet?) and a Beret is garter stitch, which I think make it a good one for beginners.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Sideways Knit Short Sleeved Jumper That is Just Super!

Free Vintage Kntting Pattern SummeryOMG Isn’t this fabulous! and it’s knitted sideways with multi-coloured stripes. It’s also wearable in Spring and Summer as it has short sleeves (and here in the UK it’s going to be the hottest I’ve ever known it tomorrow at 33 degrees C, so obviously thick winter sweaters aren’t on my mind at the moment).  It is green, fawn, rust, yellow and brown and is for a 33-35 inch bust. I’ve spotted that a couple of the other Stitchcraft Leaflets I have scanned were originally featured in the monthly Stitchcraft Magazine, so here it is as the cover photo.

Here are the pdfs (which are clearer and zoomable compared to the pictures) Page 1   and   Page 2 and 3

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: 30s Ladies Jumper with Bobbles

Bobble Stitch is something I’ve never tried, but for this pattern I am very tempted. It’s treasure I scanned at the British Library today, having looked through the Library Catalogue at home and found an item called Stitchcraft Leaflets. I was expecting something like the For The Junior Miss booklet. Instead I found individual patterns numbered 1 to 233. The first 1 to 120 are beautifully bound into a hardback book, which makes them tricky to scan. The rest were in six large manila envelopes. They were bought by The British Museum (forerunner to The British Library) between 1937 and 1939. Quite a lot of them were for cushions, or children’s things. I’ve picked my favourites to bring to the blog over the next two weeks. I recognised a couple from Stitchcraft magazine issues, so I think these are recycled.

It’s a marvellously realistic modern size 34-36 inch bust and is 4 ply. Let me know if it’s unreadable – I had to scan it as a pdf at the library and at home did a printscreen and edit in Paint to make it into a jpeg (my wonderful Mr SunnyStitcher is in New Zealand and is usually in charge of converting things at work, where he has all the software).

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: 50s Roll Neck

Here is some treasure found today in a secondhand furniture shop on Broadway Market in Hackney. It is in three sizes 34, 36 or 38 inch – yay! This is rarer in older patterns and means no tricky calculations to make it fit a non-vintage body type like mine. This is called Ladies Classic  Raglan Sports Jumper, though you might be wondering what sport needs a high neck woolie like this. The answer is all sports played in Britain between September and May. It is made by a company called Marriners, which is really annoying as it should be spelled mariners, though I might let them off, as the company is named after R.V. Marriner Spinners.  I’ve been knitting with only 4-ply yarn for months, so a nice DK jumper will be a quick knit for a change. Just have to finish the three things I already have on the go…

50s Roll Neck free vintage knitting pattern
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