Patons 1009

In case there aren’t enough lacy tops with “man-appeal” (see last post), here is another. This one says it is “the pretty look,” which I think is rather a charming descripton. Today’s fashion is probably never described as the pretty look, unless it’s fashion for small girls. As I’ve said a few times already, shorten the pattern or add a belt to make it more like early decades of the twentieth century. Or wear it in a true 1974 fashion and go all Laura Ashley with a maxi-skirt. Patons 1009 ladies jumper free knitting pattern

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Twinset in 34 to 40 inch bust

Sidar 5418 ladies jumper free knitting patternThis one is another vintage-esque pattern (forgive my mangling of the English language). Really as it is older than 25, it qualifies as vintage, but by vintage-esque I mean it harks back to an earlier period than that. Styling it with a beret makes it even more nostalgic. To make it up to wear in a 1930s to 50s way, make it slightly shorter. The bust sizes are from 34 –  40 inches and it needs DK yarn. I picked this one up last year in Dartmouth, while on my second trip to lovely Devon, which has fantastic charity shops, countryside and Agatha Christie’s country house.

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Free Vintage Knitting Magazine – Stitchcraft from June 1952

stitchcraftjune1952As promised, I’m departing from the thirties, looking back into my own collection of knitting ephemera and on to the fifties. Here is an issue of Stitchcraft which has appeared in my collection, possibly from eBay, but I really can’t remember – these things just appear in my house. Either they are breeding or I’m sleep shopping.

Inside there are four knitted ladies summer tops – starting from top left picture on page 14 v-neck with tiny stripes has 33 – 34 inch bust ; the 2-ply twin set (also shown on cover) has a bust of 33-34 or 35-36 inches; V-Neck blouse with big stripes (refered to as green v-neck blouse) fits a 35-36 inch bust; Sleeveless Jumper sweater has a bust of 33-34 inch bust. They are also shown in colour on the inside back cover. Page 12 has several ways to wear a scarf in summer.

Also includes some hair-pin crochet for a stole and circular shawl on page 4, 5 and 20; Girl’s sun suit and jacket for age 7 (22-24 inch waist); boys trunks for age 6 to 7; men’s sweater in thick wool with chunky cables picture on page 7 and pattern on page 22 in two sizes 36-38 inch chest and 39-41; crochet ladies gloves; some ladies caps in Angora; and a bag for to take to the beach.

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Fair Isle and Colourwork: Twin Set from Stitchcraft

Twinsets FairIsle

This is taken from the Stitchcraft special No. SC10 – Twin Sets each in 3 sizes. It is possibly from the WW2 period – actually I know I have seen an advert for it in one of my copies of Stitchcraft, but can’t find it now to exactly date it. My own pratice fair isle swatch is coming along very slowly – two rows at a Knit and Natter meeting, three rows at home here and there. Unlike my usual knitting I can’t multitask and watch TV or chat at the same time, and I’m not enjoying it as much so have started something easier. Any advice for getting over this fair isle hump?

Here it is on Google docs.  Scroll down for jpegs.

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Free Vintage Knitting Magazine Stitchcraft December 1947

This issue starts with a rather strange winter bonnet. Looks like you could hide your sandwiches under it. Perhaps she is.

Stitchcraft  Dect 1947

Also in this issue gifts for children (knitted dog, babies booties and soldier toys), gifts for children to make for adults (necklaces and belt), a girls fair isle twin set. a ladies twin set for 32-34 inch bust, two colour long line jumper for 34-36 inch bust, a practice jumper in an unusual stitch for 34-36 inch bust, some fair isle knitted boots for adults (size 6 1/2 to 7, which probably isn’t equivalent to modern UK sizes), a knitting bag and finally a rather odd looking evening handbag. Plus Page 13 has Ministry of Food advice for Christmas,

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Free Vintage Knitting Magazine – Stitchcraft October 1946

Stitchcraft Oct 19461.jpg

Look at this lovely red twin set (34-36 bust) and the must have accessory of the year, a live parrot! Also inside this issue – some wooly winter stockings, a fair isle pixie hood for 10 year old, a teddy bear from an old jumper, vest and panties set, a classic cardigan (34-36), two patterned short sleeved jumpers, one to “wear with your tweeds” (35-37) and the other with a leaf yoke in three colours (34-36).

Did you know I live in East London and adore it? It is a bit of a nation unto itself. When I lived in North and later South London, I still needed to visit the central area for things like shops and cinema, but now Hackney and the surrounding area has nearly everything I need. The local fabric shop, which was one of the reasons I moved here, has sadly closed now, so I can’t nip out to get exactly the right zip and be home fifteen minutes later, sigh.Read More »

Free Vintage Magazine: Stitchcraft October 1945

Stitchcraft Oct 1945 P1

Click the here for the pdf or look below for jpegs.

Here is a rather pensive model in a fair isle twinset. Also inside are lacy cami knickers, a neat jumper to fit 33-35 bust with an interesting yoke-line, a jumper striped with a threaded cord in either a teeny tiny 28-30 inch or 34-36 inch bust, school stockings for a teen-age girl, crocheted belts, a bramble stitch striped jumper with a little collar, how to bottle tomatoes from the Ministry of Food and multi-coloured mittens and gloves in two sizes. That is quite a lot of patterns for only 18 pages and a cover.

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