Full Magazine Scan – Stitchcraft October 1953

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One of my charity and Antique Shop finds from my hols, hence it’s creased condition. Here is a full scan of this issue of Stitchcraft from 1953. It includes these patterns:

  • For 8 -10 year old’s a lumber jacket.
  • Men’s lumber jacket in chest sizes 37-38, 39-40 and 41-42
  • Ladies turtle neck dolman sleeve top 33-34 inch bust
  • Ladies twin set on cover in 35-36 and 37-38 inch bust
  • Suggestions for Christmas gifts in embroidery and other stitches (advertising  the transfers which were sold via mail order)
  • Ladies Angora tippet
  • Ladies Fringed shawl
  • Ladies “Hug Me Tight” waistcoat 33-34 inch bust
  • Woofy dog toy
  • Ladies warm button up jumper 34-35 and 36-37 inch bust

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern from 1930’s – Harlequin

Harlequin free thirties knitting pattern 34-36 inch bust

34-36 inch bust

This one is from Listers of Bradford, who have the best strap line – “The nicest wools to use.” Not shrink proof, soft or long lasting, just nice; the best understated British compliment. I’m dating it as thirties based on the price of 2D. All my single item patterns from the 1940’s are 3D. It’s also bigger than the wartime ones, which were smaller due to paper shortages. In the fifties patterns went into colour photography. The back cover designs also look more of the period than this one.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Easy to Knit and Charming thirties ladies top

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern 30s thirties 1930s 30's 1930's Well look at this with an unusual stitch and puff sleeves. Where is it from? I have no idea. I’m looking at my jpgs and wondering. Somehow when I converted them from pdfs and edited them, all the data on what date it was disappeared and my notes on what I scanned make no sense. Will try harder in future. In the mean time, enjoy the vintage pattern anyway! it’s a bust size from 32 inch to 35 inches, due to the stretchy nature of knitting. Read More »

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern from Stitchcraft Issue 2 November 1932: Diamond Pattern

Issue 2 November 1932
Issue 2 November 1932

From Issue 2 of Sitchcraft,November 1932 (pages 5 and 28). This pattern is for size 34 inch bust. Instead of scanning this is photographed. I have tried to do a full page picture and then lots of close ups. I’m undecided whether to continue with this method. It’s quicker than scanning, but perhaps makes it confusing when trying to knit.

Original was in scarlett and white “a gay colour scheme for November days.” Full on apologies for the N word appearing to descibe black wool. I’ve seen this appearing a lot in this context. free vintage knitting pattern ladies jumperRead More »

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Good Needlework 1930s Spring

Free Vintage Pattern Sweater 30sSpring WooliesHere is Jumper Jill again. Since I named this thirties knitting pattern model, Theodora has shared some more pictures of her. I’m not the only person who is wildly curious about this model, who is my most favourite. My latest idea is that she was a) possibly a photographers wife or b) a debutant. Read Theodora’s blog at Theodora Goes Wild – She’s also been sharing some lovely vintage knitting patterns.

The pattern I’m sharing today is for the two sweaters on the left from Good Needlework, April 1936. I’m slighlty bonkers for knits with collars. Also I’d like to say sorry for the wonky scans – all my British Library Scans are more wonky than my home collection, due to the restrictions on how you can handle the pages – no placing them face down!

Finished measurements 35 inches around bust. The pattern describes the front detail as “vestee inset” which makes me smile for some reason.Read More »

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern Stitchcraft 133 from the Thirties

Such a lovely star shaped collar and kind of a wiggly waveform stitch, makes this one a twice as interesting pattern. Bust  33-35 inch bust in 3 ply (incidentally, which is the correct way to write it, 3ply or 3 ply or maybe 3-ply?)

Here are the pages as pdfs, at a higher, more readable resolution. Stitchcraft 133 (1) Stitchcraft 133 (2) Stitchcraft 133 (3)

Screenshot 2015-06-10 18.12.56

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Stitchcraft Leaflet 147 from the Thirties. Plus Any requests?

The blog is still in a 30’s groove, as I share the treasures from my last scanning trip to the British Library. Before I share, can I ask if any readers have any pattern requests? Seen a magazine or pattern on Etsy or Ebay and missed out, I can easily go and scan it if it was published in the UK. Even in Australia and New Zealand, a lot of companies like Weldon’s produced very similar magazines. Please leave a comment on this post.

From The British Museum, precursor of the British Library, date stamped 23rd March 1939.  I think this is a very wearable autumn style to get on our needles now, to be finished by September.  For a 33-35 inch bust, made from 3ply (see my recommendation for modern 3ply yarn). The unusual stitch gives it a smocking affect.

The pages can be found as PDFs from these links – Stitchcraft 147 (1)  and Stitchcraft 147 (2) *

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: 30s Ladies Jumper with Bobbles

Bobble Stitch is something I’ve never tried, but for this pattern I am very tempted. It’s treasure I scanned at the British Library today, having looked through the Library Catalogue at home and found an item called Stitchcraft Leaflets. I was expecting something like the For The Junior Miss booklet. Instead I found individual patterns numbered 1 to 233. The first 1 to 120 are beautifully bound into a hardback book, which makes them tricky to scan. The rest were in six large manila envelopes. They were bought by The British Museum (forerunner to The British Library) between 1937 and 1939. Quite a lot of them were for cushions, or children’s things. I’ve picked my favourites to bring to the blog over the next two weeks. I recognised a couple from Stitchcraft magazine issues, so I think these are recycled.

It’s a marvellously realistic modern size 34-36 inch bust and is 4 ply. Let me know if it’s unreadable – I had to scan it as a pdf at the library and at home did a printscreen and edit in Paint to make it into a jpeg (my wonderful Mr SunnyStitcher is in New Zealand and is usually in charge of converting things at work, where he has all the software).

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