Free WW2 Knitting Pattern: Woolies for Wardens – Ladies jumper

Forties Knitting Pattern LadiesOne of two posts on this publication from 1941 to keep wardens warm, which is Bestway Knitting magazine issue 74. This is the pattern for ths ladies jumper on the left. It’s 36 inch bust (could be finished measurement, could be size it’s designed for, who can say!). 3 ply yarn.

I recently had an enlightening converstion with fellow vintage knitter, blogger and instagramer Theodora. I mentioned using the 2 ply Jamieson and Smith yarn, which I have used several times as they have such a great range of colours at my local yarn shop (Prick Your Finger in Bethnal Green), even though it is a bit itchy. She told me it won’t knit to the true 3 ply size and  your garment will come out bigger, and I had an “a-ha!” moment, realising that by using this yarn I had accidentally made a couple of sweaters exactly the bigger bust size I needed. Looking at their website, it calls it 2 ply Jumper yarn and says you can use it for knitting vintage patterns which call for 4 ply. Has anyone tried the 2 ply lace weight? The J & S website says that this is suitable for vintage patterns asking for 3 ply. Read More »

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Bestway Knitting 1946 A Fair Isle to Use Up Your Small Scraps of Yarn

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern Fair Isle 1946I haven’t featured any fair isle for a while, though I have a stack of patterns in my stash at home that I really ought to scan. Here is a pattern from Bestway Knitting. This magazine ceased publication during the years 1941 to 1945. Here is a pattern from 1946. The pages of WW2 patterns are usually quite small, and though this is post-war, there were still restrictions and shortages around. Here we are instructed to use up all our left over little bits of yarn.

I’ve previously dubbed a reappearing model Jumper Jill, who was all over Woman’s Weekly, Good Needlework and Stitchcraft in the 1930s. This lady below is her wartime counter part, Sweater Susan (sweater being an Americanism for jumper and quite a lot of American’s came over to Britian during the war). Actually, she is an actress called Peggy Chester.

3 ply and for a 32 to 34 inch bust.
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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Ladies Puff Sleeve jumper (from 1940’s?)

Copley's 1255 Knitting Pattern WW2 topThis lovely pattern can be made either long or short sleeved. From the forties I’m thinking from the style, but by the size of the pages maybe it is just after the war or before in 1938 or 1939, as there was strict paper rationing during World War Two in Britain and a lot of the patterns I have from that area are around a quarter of the size. The puff sleeves are adorable, I’m such a sucker for that style. The bust size is 33-34 inches. No idea about the ply of the yarn as it only lists it Copley’s Cryscelle, but as a rough guess, it is knitted on Size 10 and 12 needles, which are UK Size 3.25 and 2.75mm, US 3 and 1, so a 2 or 3ply yard as those are some super slim needles.Read More »

Fair Isle and Colourwork: Twin Set from Stitchcraft

Twinsets FairIsle

This is taken from the Stitchcraft special No. SC10 – Twin Sets each in 3 sizes. It is possibly from the WW2 period – actually I know I have seen an advert for it in one of my copies of Stitchcraft, but can’t find it now to exactly date it. My own pratice fair isle swatch is coming along very slowly – two rows at a Knit and Natter meeting, three rows at home here and there. Unlike my usual knitting I can’t multitask and watch TV or chat at the same time, and I’m not enjoying it as much so have started something easier. Any advice for getting over this fair isle hump?

Here it is on Google docs.  Scroll down for jpegs.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern – Forties Sweater from Viyella

To me Viyella means the manufacturer of super mops, not knitting patterns. This is another small black and white pattern for 2-ply and 3-ply. I’m missing a bit of colour on the scanner, but I’ve got five more of these tiny knitting patterns to share first. Shown on the blog as actual size of the page, must have been trying to save paper due to war shortages. It’s a 34 inch bust and was originally intended for navy and white yarn. See it here on Google docs or read more below for pictures.

ribbed two colour jumper

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